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Building Code Solutions for High Performance Customers

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OneClick Business Plans are designed for high volume customers.  Our Business Plans feature our simple “One Click” building code report access:  just enter an address and we deliver the most comprehensive, jurisdiction accurate building code data in the industry.

All Business Plans are priced to be highly economical for customers - literally just a few dollars per report.  

Business Plan Features

  • Comprehensive, jurisdiction specific building code reports widely accepted by insurers
  • 3-year weather history (address-specific)
  • Manufacturers installation guides (multiple manufacturers)
  • PDF conversion tool for easy print-and-attach Code reports
  • Built in estimating tools
  • Integration to partner solutions
  • Inexpensive access to additional reports for peak months

About OneClick Code

Contractors and adjusters are using outdated systems to gather building code information for roofing estimates, leaving money on the table and wasting massive amounts of time. The latest roofing technology app, OneClick Code, gives you the accurate information you need at the click of a button. Save an hour on every roof for less than the price of a cup of coffee.

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