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OneClick Streamlines Claims. Free for 60 days.

Helping you save time and serve the ones who need it most.

Experience the ease and simplicity of OneClick Code. Whether you are on a roof or at your desk, simply enter an address, and within seconds you get all the roofing code information you need to close the claim.  With OneClick Code, all parties are able to look to a trusted source to create defendable estimates. We help you save time and money with our nationwide platform. 

The Pilot Program includes:

  • Unrestricted access to pulling OneClick Code reports & manufacturer requirements
  • Unlimited seats for everyone in your company
  • Hands-on support when you need it
  • Instant access - go at your own pace
  • Access to our API to integrate us seamlessly into your system
  • CoreLogic integration with Symbility Claims Connect
  • No obligation or payment required with a simple cancellation process

If you have any questions or want more information regarding our pilot program please do not hesitate to contact Mark Jaffe by email. 

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About OneClick Code

OneClick Code was developed to save professionals time and money by allowing them to access enforced roofing codes quickly and efficiently.

Our Mission

OneClick is the trusted data partner, dedicated to increasing efficiency and transparency for all stakeholders throughout the construction and restoration process.

Our Experience

With over 11 years of experience in the roofing restoration industry, Founder and CEO, Garrett Kurtt, understands the time and resource challenges associated with finding the right roofing code when you need it. OneClick was founded to provide a solution to that problem.

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